Had a wonderful time at Pebble Beach this year with some of my good friends..........Enjoy!!!!!!!

GT Joey

Brian Redman, Aston Martin Legend

Past President of Jaguar Mike O'Driscoll

Ian Cullam Chief Jaguar/ Aston Martin Designer

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Great pictures.  A nice group of friends, Joey, and everyone looks genuinely happy, and glad to be in your company.

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I got a ticket in Westchester, California for not having my front licence plate on while parked.  I think because Westchester is part of Los Angeles, and they're dying for money right now.  There's also a Westchester, New York, and a Chester, UK.    It's interesting to see how names migrate from the West Coast of the US to the East Coast and are later adopted by the UK.  There's a Westminster, California.  How long before that shows up in the UK?  Now Pebble Beach has made its way toward England.  It's easy to see what some people are doing.  For instance, if you chop the New part of New York off you're left with York, and believe it or not, there's now a York in the UK.  How soon before they start chopping the New's off our other cities and taking our other beaches?
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We just can't do anything right in the UK can we? First the Queen was so stupid as to build Windsor Castle on the flight path to Heathrow and now we've plonked Pebble Beach in Barton-on-Sea?
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Tim M
Can we have England back---you can keep the New. Problem is if you give Jersey back you'll have two states called 'New'
The Geordies named their town of Washington after either your first president or two states, there is also a Dallas in Fife, obviously named after a television program---pathetic.
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Tim M
PS. Not many threads get hijacked quite so quickly!!!
Some great people there and you sure look like you are enjoying it---any pictures of the cars.
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Wonderful day, Redman can still drive like the wind..........great guys, we could talk cars all day........gtjoey1314
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John Purser
gtjoey wrote:

Wonderful day, Redman can still drive like the wind...

Can second that - as can all the others who had 3 laps of Lime Rock beside him in 17TVX, courtesy of Jim Freeman. A masterclass in car control at high speed.
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Sorry for the late response - got other plans for this year but here are more pictures from last year to whet the appetite for the coming event!

Pebble Beach 2011
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