Voici le calendrier des activités que l'AMOC Ile de France vous propose pour l'année 2013.

  • 16 mars - Sortie circuit à Montléry

  • 6 et 7 avril - Ballade "De la côte d'Opale à la Normandie"

  • Mai - Le centenaire d'Aston Martin en Angleterre

  • Juin-juillet (date précise à confirmer) - Ballade dominicale en Ile de France et déjeuner

  • Septembre - Chasse au trésor

Pour en savoir plus sur l'organisation et le détail de chaque évènement ainsi que les modalités d'inscription, vous pouvez nous contacter à notre adresse mail (amoc.idf à ou me contacter par MP).

Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur notre blog

Si vous souhaitez nous aider dans l'organisation d'un de ces évènements ou avez une idée et la volonté pour organiser un évènement en province avec l'aide de l'AMOC Ile de France, n'hésitez pas à nous le faire savoir.
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And in English:

Here is the agenda of activities of the AMOC Paris region for 2013.

  • 16th March - Day at the Montlhéry race circuit close to Paris
  • 6th and 7th April - Weekend road trip "From the Côte d'Opale to Normandy"
  • May - Trip to England for the Aston Martin centenary
  • June-July (date to be confirmed) - Sunday day out with lunch in the Paris region
  • September: Treasure Hunt

For more information or to subscribe to any of these events please contact us via our email address at, or contact us by PM.

For more details please visit our blog at

If you would like to help us organize an event, or if you have any suggestions or would like to organize an event anywhere else in France and would like us to help you, then please let us know.
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and now in japanese morangles please
24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case, coincidence ? i think not.
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db7 boy
Russell, try this  


3月16日 - パリへのモンテリレースサーキットの近くでデー
6日と4月7日 - "コートジボワールオパールからノルマンディーへ"週末遠征
月 - アストンマーティン100周年のためにイングランドへの旅
6月〜7月(日付は未定) - パリ地域でのランチと日曜の一日

詳細については、またはこれらのいずれかのイベントをサブスクライブするにはamoc.idf@ gmail.comで私達の電子メールアドレスにてご連絡ください、またはPMでお問い合せください。


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looks all Japanese to me
24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case, coincidence ? i think not.
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john curtis
Unfortunately quite a number of grammatical faults, but that's the problem with on-line translators.
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Thanks so much DB7 boy for the Japanese translation.
We are now looking forward to greeting the hoards of Japanese Aston owners with their cars who will be joining us for trips around France next year!
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db7 boy
Morangles, I am sure you may well get some. We have one or two on the Centenary Tour already.
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Is there to be a formal AMOC reception at Le Chartre this year, the Friday of the Le Mans weekend ? Have been the last 3 years on the run and last year, the first for a while without a formal AMOC event, still attracted some Aston owners to park in the Square and eat at Hotel de France
I seem to recall reading somewhere that it's back on again this year for the centenary, but I can't remember where I read it !
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David Lewington
Yes, David Wright and I are planning to do something this year on the Friday.
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