October might be wet, cold and blustery in the UK!! It certainly isn’t in Spain and Portugal and the 2012 Algarve Tour may be your last opportunity to get the hood down and feel the warmth of the sun. In conjunction with Jasper Gilder of Drive Espana we have put together a trip which will give great driving, great hotels, stunning scenery and a range of fun things to do. Spanish roads are in the main very quiet and where we’re going, great fun to drive on! View for complete details of the trip.

However, to get an idea of what you would be missing read my report Algarve Historic Festival, page 24 in AM Quarterly Spring 2012. Plus in the same publication the Mike & Judy French report covering the same event, headed Autumn in the Algarve, page 58.

The closing date is nearly upon us, so if you are interested/undecided contact Jasper direct at info at drive espana dot com, or, telephone: 01442 842542.

Look forward to meeting you.

Simon Rose, AMOC Representative, Algarve
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