I see from AMN that the Alnwick tour starting at the Barn at 1030 on Thursday 24 September is planning to come through Stratford (early afternoon?). I wonder if the organisers have actually seen the traffic situation in the town at the time of day, I only ask as the A3400 through the town is governed by 13 sets of uncoordinated traffic lights and gridlock is often the result, even if the route to Kenilworth involves only 4 sets minimum
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Lord Rowley
Hallo All.
Interesting comment from nmv2and3 about Stratford traffic.
We plan to take a couple of days out of office and drive up from Essex to York - staying overnight there, as never been before.

Too busy looking fwd to Woburn to have seriously planned the route yet but hadn't really considered "city traffic".

We have couple nights in The White Swan, Alnwick to ensure we eat in the former SS Olympic restaurant (sister ship of Titanic), as well as the castle dinner, then hope to drive down N.Yorks coast road (which is dramatically picturesque), then overnight in The Peak District - possibly Malvern OR Belper. The latter, because I've always liked the name and it sounds "properly Northern". 

Any ideas ?

Will probably take best part of a week but with modern phones and wifi, we can hopefully keep the business ticking over. 

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LR - we Northerners are very happy with being so, and it's with much happiness that I see that your 'seat' is located well and truly 'oop North' - in fact north of the River Humber and close to Leeds! "Ecky Thump" brother!
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John Purser
LR then overnight in The Peak District - possibly Malvern OR Belper
Sounds like a plan but Malvern is a bit far southwest  of the Peak District !
You may find Buxton or Bakewell (or even Baslow) a bit more rewarding than Belper, though.
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Lord Rowley
It's that Volvo, sorry A.M sat nav again.  >

Only just received my A.M News so didn't realise a "A Too-er For Saft Sutheners " had been organised. I know there was talk last year.......No one tells me any fink.

This looks really interesting. If I can convince "she who sits to my left" to waive York, we could have a fun drive up with The Groovy Gang (Soft Southern Branch) and let someone else's Aston sat nav get us lost.

Looks a pretty fair price for what one gets. Room for one's batman, I wonder ?
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