Susan and I would like to tell you all who attended the lunch and booze up at The Bunghole today how much we enjoyed ourselves and thanks to all of you for making us so welcome. When we return to Florida next week I wll post the photos on the site!.

Hope to see you all on or next trip over in June, probably now be around June 22 for 8-10 days..
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I'm so glad that you and Susan were able to make it, and that you had fun.

You are indeed a fortunate man, Sir. Not only do you have a beautiful and delightful wife (and one who is 'Aston-friendly' too!) but you also own a fabulous example of the most desirable modern car in the world and you live in Naples, FL, which has to be one of the nicest corners of the world. My compliments to you both.

I hope to see you both again on your next trip.


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