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He is Russell..... ;D
Yes Ocky,the one in 2120 when order is restored...
Oh yeah John, it's Interluxe not Innovision who are AML Concierge mistake but obviously everybody else fault for involving two companies with names beginning with 'I'.....perhaps one of them could change their name to help out.
We're looking like dropping the car in the Timeline on Sat,taking a fast train back up North to Dad,giving Sat night standing around a miss then back on the fast train Sun am and seeing the cars Sun.
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asington wrote:
. The rozzers will go potty when 400 Astons start backing-up on Bayswater Road.

No, they'll be too busy checking registration plate fonts 
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John Purser
Perks Field tickets continue to be mailed today. If it doesn't arrive, just print off the email
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this magical pass turned up. came in a thick card envelope. contains a set of rules about not running over pedestrians, a thank you letter and a plain piece of card with perks field parking permit written on it.
nothing else.
no reg number, no unique Id, just that, Perks field parking.

why they wasted the postage is beyond me as this could have been emailed and printed with the confirmation mail telling us they were putting the pass in the post. i thought it was going to be some secret squirrel guilt edged thing.
bizarre really
24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case, coincidence ? i think not.
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john curtis
The Perks field card has a password written on it in urine. This will be passed through a reader at the gate for checking before entry.
Don't take the piss again or it will be invalid.
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Nothing from concierge....managed to get the fun police letter and number third hand via the Trust.....
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