John Purser
The Club, as event organiser, is aware of delays in the booking service operated by the Aston Martin Concierge.
Yes, they have had computer problems. their system has not worked how it should.
In order to help you out with incomplete and late bookings, the Club HQ is going to be turned into a booking office on Monday 15th July, 9am-4pm.
We have to commit numbers to the caterer by 5 pm that day.

A very large number of members have had their requests processed and have been emailed tickets to print out and take with them.
To make this process quicker for the remainder:

IF you have had an email or call from the Concierge and when you rang back could not get through to them
have left a message asking to be contacted, please do nothing at present.

This being posted at 5.30 pm on Friday afternoon, 12th July
You are in the Concierge system and they are catching up with call-backs all over the weekend.

However, if you expressed interest some weeks back and have NOT been contacted
you would like to see if tickets are left (as of 12.00 today there were a few and we'd love a full house)  
you can apply and it will help the Club staff if you do this :
send an email to me at :

with the as much of the following information as possible :
The email address you want a reply sent to, one that, when we reply,  will allow you to print out the ticket on paper (a paper ticket for the Orangery is a Palace requirement.)

Name as shown on your credit card
Address where the card is registered
AMOC Membership number
Daytime landline phone, one where you are likely to be near on Monday
Mobile number
Number of tickets for the AMOC Orangery event.
Members - £60 each
Non-members - £100 each

Throughout Monday, you will be phoned back by the Club staff asking for the security code.
Then they will process the payment
AMOC will email your tickets.

If you fall into category (A) and have not been in contact with the Concierge Service by Monday morning,  then please phone the AMOC Office +44 ( 1865 400 400.
Please be patient, the calls will cascade through until answered.
There are 6 lines in.
We will be phoning out from other numbers.
(If you are finally asked to leave a message, please leave your phone number and name - you will get a call)
Please have all the above details and your credit card with you :
we will need to cross check to the Concierge list, to make sure it is not a double booking.
Then we can take the order, process it and send you the ticket by email for you to print out.

I hope that is as clear as it can be - I will process the emails over the weekend ready for Monday.
If you do email me ahead of the Concierge calling, they sky will not fall in, but it will be checked on Monday against the Concierge list.

we are not using this for 'Timeline' queries : that is Mark Donoghue's group.
We cannot use it for Perks Field (or any other) parking, that is via AML and the Concierge.  
The Concierge will call, if they haven't done already. It's all sold out.


This is not for VIP 'Park Prive' passes.
Those will continue to be processed by the Concierge number throughout the week.
That part is not organised by AMOC.
There were 1,000 free of charge passes allocated by AML to AMOC members on a first came first served basis, announced some weeks ago.
They have all gone.
It is possible that you still have not had them sent out, but the Concierge will be doing this, they say.
If you want one and haven't ordered, just email
If there are any left, they will get to your request and, I regret, as the Club tickets are all allocated, will ask you to pay for them
Paper tickets are not needed but you do need to be on the guest list.
A printout of the email in your pocket showing you have been allocated or bought them would be a good idea.
You will be issued with a badge for re-admission.
We were going to have a resident tattooist to put the wings on your hand but this might have taken too long.

The event will be one to remember : few of us will have the chance to attend the next one in 2113.
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John Purser wrote:
We were going to have a resident tattooist to put the wings on your hand but this might have taken too long.

Is that both the AM and Lagonda wings John as I notice there has been a notable lack of (post-war) Lagondas in the recent (AM) published timelines?

Roger I
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John Purser
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Thanks for that clarity John, I'd just got the email from Anne and was a bit confused. And thanks to you and Anne for taking over the emergency control room.

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Vanquish 2591
John  and the "rest of the team":  a big "thank you" for your help in this matter, much appreciated and of course one more fish in your net...
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John Purser
Nigel wrote:
I'd just got the email from Anne and was a bit confused

Belt and braces.
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