Before posting a question about events please check the Events Calendar.

Registered AMOC Members can also upload events to the calendar. They won't go live until approved by a moderator but, as we can't keep track of all events that might be happening in your area we've opened this up.

Here's how you add an event:

  • You should now see that the Calendar on the right hand side of the page has a 'Post New Event' entry. (You will also see a red cross in the various calendar views that performs the same function.)

  • Click on that and the edit page will open to add a new Calendar entry.

  • At the top of the page is the Event title. Enter a title for your event. If entering an Area event, although you will be asked to select Area nn below that as a category I would ask you to make sure Area nn is in the title of your event as the colour coding is minimal and people read words not colours.

  • Next is the event description. I think you can guess what goes in here. Don't bother with dates and/or times - these will be entered in further down.

  • Now select a category.

  • Below that you can enter start date and time.

  • The duration goes below that. It is preset to 1 day so, if your event is shorter than that, please enter 0 in that box and the number of hours and minutes to the right.

  • Next up is a box for Contact info. It is your choice here to enter names and telephone numbers as you see fit. Personally I wouldn't advise entering telephone numbers, a policy we have followed throughout the site.

  • The next field is for an email address for the contact person. Only one email address can be entered here. I recommend you enter areann@amoc.org or similar, in preference to any personal email address, for security purposes.

  • There is a box for entering an event URL. This can be a link to the homepage of the event or a page about the event.

  • The next box is for the Forum discussion URL. If you have created an event thread then I suggest you open a separate browser window, go to the forum wherein the thread is contained and right click on the thread title. Choose 'Copy Short', then return to the calendar entry page, make sure the cursor is in the text box for 'Event Forum Discussion URL' and use Ctrl-V to paste your forum link in there.

  • You can choose to have your event repeat. This has limited options so, it is best to ignore it.

  • Next you can enter a picture for your event. The size is limited to 20 Kbytes (which is a picture about 200 pixels wide). This will appear to the right of your event description.

  • Finally click on 'Add Event' to submit your event for publication.

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This Events forum can be read by all but, as with the calendar, only AMOC members can post here. If you are an organiser of an event, or a non-AMOC member who wishes to tell this group about a non-AMOC event, please contact me or the AMOC representative for the locale in which the event is to be held, to advise them of the event and invite their participation.

You can contact the Country and Area Representatives from here: AMOC Worldwide. Clicking on any of the red dots will bring up a page with contact details and a link to send them a message.
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