To celebrate 40 years since Britain’s most famous Sports car manager of all time stepped down and into semi-retirement, David Wright is currently organising a Champagne et Canapes luncheon at La Chartre sur Le Loir, on the day before the 24hours. He of course found the Hotel de France, whilst running the Aston Martin team in the early 1950’s, before he then went onto run the European GT40 programme for Ford, and of course also introduced Gulf Oil into motor racing sponsorship at that time. Subsequently he then set up the Gulf Porsche team with their iconic 917’s, and then in 1971 he stepped down and into semi-retirement. However of course he was still involved with the GRRC team that won in 1975 with their Gulf sponsored Mirage driven by Ickx and Bell, and run of course by ‘Racing in the Rain’ John Horsmann.

Now that Gulf Oil (UK) are ‘back’ in motor racing, and of course sponsoring his first love Aston Martin, the Circle has been completed!! The AMOC are therefore going to hold another Champagne and Lunch reception at La Chartre on the Friday before the race (June 10th) at noon.

This time David is hoping to assemble some very important Wyer Le Mans cars, and of course some Gulf sponsored Astons too, along with hopefully a few famous faces. Tim Samways has already very kindly agreed to bring DBR1/2 that won the race in 1959, and Derek Bell has very kindly agreed to be the events Patron.  Aston Martin have been very helpful with lots of information, and David Richards should hopefully be there to toast his predecessors successes in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Michael Salmon and Jean Bloxham, Noel Pasteau, Jean-Claude Plassart (ACO President) and Simon Taylor from Motorsport have all said that they will be there……… so hopefully this will truly be a day to remember, and not one to be missed.

Once again the Mayor has agreed to put an ‘Arret’ on the town square, so you can only park there with an Aston Martin....... so please arrive in yours if you can, and let’s see if we can get more than the 75 Aston’s that turned up in 2009.

David is also hoping that other personalities from JW’s time will be there too, along with some more significant ‘Wyer’ cars. Doreen Green (who was his secretary in the early to mid 50’s) has expressed a great interest in coming over from the US of A, and Jacky Ickx is usually there on the Friday anyway to see Noel Pasteau (who owned the Hotel in the 50’s). David will arrange for a photograph of all these AM personalities to be taken along with the cars we assemble, outside the Hotel on the day. So if you would like to attend and have any connection with JW, or have a JW car then please, please let him know when reserving your tickets, so that he can make sure you are included in this photograph. (David can be e-mailed at

If you would like to reserve your tickets, please either e-mail Michael Urban at or phone the Club Secretary Johnny Dallow on +44 (1865 891831 at Club HQ. Tickets are priced at just £42.50 for members and £47.50 for their guests. In 2009 we sold out very quickly, so please reserve your tickets asap.
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Doctor Houx
I've been a Le Mans pilgrim since 1986 and have been most years.  I missed the Le Hotel events last year so can't wait to be part of this 2011 celebration.  I've sent an email to amoc and tried to call to confirm my place today, but no answer.  Do you know if Michael is planning to acknowledge ticket reservations, as I really don't want to miss out this year
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John Purser
You can always phone the alternate number 01865 400400 and ask for your message saying who you are/how many tickets you need to be passed on.
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i am intersted for this meeting in june in france
where can i find more details of this amoc meeting?
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