Some of Photos from the AMOC Meet @ Bristol Aerospace Museum, I skipped the tour as been so many times. Although was great to meet up before the tour and take photos of the stunning cars. Managed to get a couple of nice reflection photos from Andrew's Aston as it's sooooo shiny [cool]. I believe this was a joint meet with Areas 4, 18 & 22. 
Hope you all had a great day. 
Steve [thumb]

IMG_0111.jpg  IMG_0113.jpg  IMG_0116.jpg  GOPR2634.jpg  GOPR2635.jpg  GOPR2637.jpg  GOPR2638.jpg  GOPR2639.jpg  GOPR2641.jpg  GOPR2642.jpg  GOPR2645.jpg  GOPR2648.jpg  GOPR2653.jpg  GOPR2658.jpg  IMG_0001.jpg  IMG_0003.jpg  IMG_0004.jpg  IMG_0005.jpg  IMG_0006.jpg  IMG_0009.jpg  IMG_0012.jpg  IMG_0013.jpg  IMG_0016.jpg  IMG_0019.jpg  IMG_0021.jpg  IMG_0025.jpg  IMG_0027.jpg  IMG_0030.jpg  IMG_0032.jpg  IMG_0035.jpg  IMG_0038.jpg  IMG_0042.jpg  IMG_0044.jpg  IMG_0046.jpg  IMG_0048.jpg  IMG_0055.jpg  IMG_0059.jpg  IMG_0063.jpg  IMG_0067.jpg  IMG_0071.jpg  IMG_0073.jpg  IMG_0074.jpg  IMG_0076.jpg  IMG_0079.jpg  IMG_0081.jpg  IMG_0082.jpg  IMG_0085.jpg  IMG_0086.jpg  IMG_0090.jpg  IMG_0093.jpg  IMG_0095.jpg  IMG_0097.jpg  IMG_0098.jpg  IMG_0099.jpg  IMG_0100.jpg  IMG_0101.jpg  IMG_0105.jpg  IMG_0106.jpg  IMG_0108.jpg 

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Thanks Steve - some great shots here.  It was an Area 4 organised trip but as usual we invited along our 'neighbours'. 

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