Oh, you fools who left early!

AMOC member and DBR1 racer Peter Hardman won the LM GT1 class at Donington today, with his team mate.

It was a very close race. The  Lamy Aston met problems, which led the Luc Alphond Corvette to make a big lead. The team mate put in some great laps in the last hour, and then (great!) the leading Corvette developed its own problems.

With time running out, the DBR9 caught and passed the Corvette. With just under 2 laps to go!!!

A fantastic race, with a great result. The winning car even had AMOC stickers on it. What about a celebration at the barn, with car and drivers in attendance??? Or a cover photo on the magazine??

Well done to Peter as well. A great race. I look forward to seeing you in the DBR1 soon. And the DBR9 in the Intermarque race!
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Excellent.  A great idea.

We managed to get CJ around the Lamy garage and grab an autograph.  Interesting that their problem was, I believe, the "flappy paddle" gear change.

Well done Peter and co.  Fantastic.

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