A BIG thank you to Adam's Polishes and our host / detailing expert Tyler Roberts for today's workshop at Adam's HQ in Thornton. Tyler, who's also Adam's Customer Service manager, demonstrated numerous aspects of detailing and the corresponding use of Adam's products on my Vantage, and it ended up looking absolutely dazzling. Adam's has a great team of passionate, friendly and helpful people - and some amazing products.  Some pics attached of their operation (warehouse, bottling line, product sales area) and of my Vantage being detailed (the demo / workshop car).

A tour through the warehouse
The raw materials20180603_102431.jpgAn mind-boggling number of products 20180603_103220.jpgThe Vantage before the detailing workshop started20180603_103819.jpgAfter Tyler hosed down the Vantage and then used the Foam Cannon20180603_111059.jpgAfter the Vantage was done (~ 2 hours later)20180603_121020.jpgA mirror-like shine20180603_121035.jpg The cars of all the owners who attended the workshop - L2R: Randy, Dustan, Matt, Mark, Jerry, MIke.20180603_112641.jpg 

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