This year the dates for our annual Lime Rock Classic are June 26-28. Thursday the 26th will be the Road Tour, Friday the 27th will be our Concours and on Saturday we will be on track at Lime Rock Park.

This year we will be using The Interlaken as our HQ and will have the dinners there.  The Concours will also be at the Interlaken which is very convenient.

The Interlaken is holding rooms for us.  But due to the reduction of rooms in the area they have asked us to try to reserve as soon as possible.  If you are planning to attend Lime Rock this year I strongly suggest that you contact the Interlaken at your earliest convenience to reserve a room.  Call them at ( 222-2909.  Tell them you are calling for the AMOC.  We also have a block of rooms at the Wake Robin contact Shaffin at Wake Robin Inn ( 435-2000.

Further information at http://www.amocna.org or contact Tom Smith at amocts@gmail.com
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Hi Everyone;

Here's an on-board video of my 4PM laps @ Lime Rock 2014


Best laps were around 1:07.8, so there's room for improvement! The intention is to shave off a couple of seconds next year

NB: The camera was off when I went off the track after Big Bend earlier in the day. If anyone has pictures/video, they're most welcome!
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John Purser
Superb, many thanks for that. Lovely circuit and location.
I was one of those lucky enough to do 3 laps with our honorary member Brian Redman in Jim Freemen's DB4GT a few years back. We had to weave our way round a few of the 'Driving School' cars which was a bonus, seeing his car control close up. I could be wrong but I think we may have been going a bit quicker ! Later in the day, Tim Cottingham spun his Lagonda. That was worth seeing, too.
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John Purser wrote:

Superb, many thanks for that. Lovely circuit and location.
Later in the day, Tim Cottingham spun his Lagonda. That was worth seeing, too.

At one point I really thought I'd caught it only for the thing to spin the opposite way. And I'm still struggling to get the mark off the drivers seat where I had a mini accident.
Registrar of Cars, AMHT
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DB9 Volante Driver
I have posted 4 photo albums of the recently concluded AMOC NA East LRC on the JCSNE.org website. There are also several LRC albums for 2010, 2012 and 2013 that may be of interest.

To view these Aston photo albums:

Go to: JCSNE.org
On the left hand menu, click: Club Photos
Scroll down to Other Car Shows/Events
Click on any one of the four 2014 AMOC LRC albums (there are several others from previous years, as well)
When the album opens, Icons on the right will allow you to view full screen, and pause/play.
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