Yesterday about 50 of us in 25 Astons and a Lagonda spent a wonderful day at Sir William McAlpine’s estate in Fawley near Henley on Thames where he has a private railway and museum. Having lived in the area for around 30 years I had no idea this place existed let alone what it was however as the photos below will show it is quite enchanting. He has about 2 miles of track, an 0-6-0 saddle tank loco that worked for years on various McAlpine projects, including the building of the original Wembley stadium, rolling stock, stations, signal cabins, stations and a huge collection of railwayania! Oh and a carousel which was a 70th birthday present from his wife – it’s just like having a train set in your back garden, in full size! As you can see form the smiles on people’s faces it was all great fun.  Rich…

Still burning hydrocarbons just for fun! 

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beat that TimC!
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I can only guess that you were all very Chuffed with the day!! 
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