John Gallen has taken over as the Area Rep in Ireland.  John has put together a great weekend in Dublin.

On Saturday, assemble at 10am on a closed section of St Stephen’s Green in the heart of Dublin, where a cavalcade of Aston Martin will line up outside the St Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, which will be serving a morning breakfast on the Green for visiting Members.

At 11am, depart in cavalcade through Dublin to Phoenix Park, a 1,750 sq. acre walled city garden in Dublin, and run a jaunty route of the 1929/1930 Irish International Grand Prix. A section of the main thoroughfare of the Park will be closed to Aston Martin for the inaugural Dublin Concours d’Elegance to be judged by AMOC Concours. A fine brunch and refreshments will be served.

There will also be a special visit at the Park to the home of the President of Ireland.

For those wishing to further fill the day, follow the progress of the Gordon Bennett Rally, taking place close to Dublin.

Return to your hotel and gather at 8pm at St Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, Dublin 2 for a Black Tie Gala Dinner with speakers and concours prizes

More details are available here:

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This event in Ireland is going to be quite spectacular. I am definitely going to be there.

Here is a link to the YouTube clip.

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Hello to you all,

I hope that you all have a great day tomorrow. I will be on foot. My car is still not ready. I hope to see you all with your lovely Aston's tomorrow. Hope all have a safe journey. For all those visiting Ireland. Hope you all enjoy the Irish hospitality. Its a fabulous country. I came here for 6 weeks. That 18 years ago. lol.

John I hope you get the chance to enjoy your day too.

Take care,

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Hello Gus

Come and say hello. David and I will be there with our gold DB7.

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John Purser
This event not only lived up to the billing  - it exceeded all expectations. Where else could the police block the lights for our spectacular 30 + Aston cavalcade from St Stephens Green to Phoenix Park so that my chauffeur could barrel through on red whilst taking photos !
The weather wasn't quite perfect but we all survived the passing showers in the marquee erected for us in the Park. We also celebrated organiser John Gallen's daughter's birthday, one she feels she may remember for a long while.
Some extremely nice cars were duly inspected and marked by Mark Donoghue, Marc Aylott and myself. We dropped in on the finish to the Gordon Bennett commemoration run by the Irish Veteran Car Club before returning to the Gala dinner back at the Hibernian Club. Generous prizes were awarded to class winners. We got to bed not long before breakfast was served, hallmark of a good day out
A great event and John and his team of helpers deserve the highest praise for the vision to put on something ambitious  and executed it brilliantly.
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How you doing Gus,

Wondered how your project 7 was going you told me about last year at Burghley………… its still a work in progress then ?.

Kind Regards

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