A few images from the day held at Walton Hall Wellesbourne.
25th January. 20200125_114825.jpg  20200125_115438.jpg  20200125_115940.jpg    20200125_143652.jpg  20200125_143754.jpg  20200125_143846.jpg  20200125_144111.jpg   20200125_151628.jpg        20200125_152800.jpg  20200125_154408.jpg  20200125_154511.jpg  20200125_154803.jpg  20200125_161253.jpg   20200125_152107.jpg     20200125_144153.jpg  20200125_144248.jpg  20200125_144523.jpg  20200125_144603.jpg  20200125_144653.jpg  20200125_151154.jpg  20200125_151259.jpg  20200125_222152.jpg
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Hendrik D
Thanks for sharing these Ian!

It was such a lovely event, beautiful venue and absolutely wonderful to see some familiar faces and meeting new ones, including some forum members!
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Yes, many thanks Ian. It was nice to meet you also Hendrick.
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Adamska Haven
Thanks for the lovely images. Wish I was there 😉. Cheers
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Thanks Ian. Another good turnout, delighted to see Steve Waddingham receive an award
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