Dear AMOC members,

AMOC Belgium cordially invites you to an unique Antwerp Discovery Tour uncovering mysteries of the Port of Antwerp with its longstanding economic history and contribution being one of the top 5 biggest ports in Europe as well as the Antwerp Sportpaleis + Lotto Arena (built 82 years ago and completely renovated only 2 years ago) being one of the top 10 most visited event halls worldwide.

Sunday 30th August, 09:30 we all meet in the Port of Antwerp from where we will drive together with a guide to unique places within the Port of Antwerp where no ASTON MARTIN nor LAGONDA has ever been before.  Around noon, we will all drive together towards and into the Sportpaleis / Lotto Arena of Antwerp via the front entrance where a BBQ in the centre of the building will await us after having parked our cars inside the Sportpaleis.  In the afternoon, we will have a private guided tour visiting areas (e.g backstage areas, VIP lounges, artist dressing & relaxing rooms) within both the Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena where event attendees normally cannot come.  At closure, you will have the pleasure to drive out of the Sportpaleis via the backstage / back entrance ending up having had the unique experience of driving through the Sportpaleis of Antwerp.

09:30 – 10.30Meet and greet in the Port of Antwerp (incl. refreshments)
10.30 – 12.00Guided driving tour to mysterious places within the Port of Antwerp
12.00 – 12.45All driving together towards and into the Sportpaleis Antwerp via front entrance
12.45 – 14.30 All cars to park within centre of Sportpaleis where you will be greeted with aperitif + BBQ. (With respect to the centre court floor we ask everyone whos car suffers from any oil spill - we all drive British - to bring either a blanket or oil tray.)
14.30 – 16.00Private guided tour through Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena
16.00 – 1630 Closure of discovery tour, all participants driving out of Sportpaleis through back entrance safely back home

Registration fee AMOC members 90 € pp; non-AMOC members 115 € pp
Included are: a morning coffee/tea, aperitif/BBQ (latter excl. alcohol) and 2 guided tour visits

You can register for this fantastic day trip simply by sending an email to, completing following details:

Name driver & co-pilot

AMOC membership number

Valid until

Car registration no.

Please confirm as soon as possible though no later than August 14th.  Important: Reservations will be confirmed once full payment has been received latest by August 15th  Cancellation & refund policy: 100% until August 15th, 50% between August 15th - 21st, no more refunds possible after August 21st.  By participating and registrering for this event each participant, driver and co-pilot agrees and accepts unconditionally to all terms and conditions valid for AMOC events.  "Afstand van verhaal" will be presented at start of the event.

AMOC Belgium vzw
IBAN - BE54 6528 4201 9797

We look forward to your participation of this unique and mysterious Antwerp Discovery Tour of the Port of Antwerp – where no ASTON MARTIN or LAGONDA has ever been before – as well as the Antwerp Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena.

AMOC Belgium v.z.w.
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