Decided to stay in england over the late summer bank holiday weekend.
As a Notting Hill resident, staying at home is not an option.
Keen to attend anything interesting within 2-ish hours driving from london.

I dont recollect anything organised by AMOC but may be I am wrong. Event at Silverstone is a it uninspiring.

Anybody has anything to recommend ?

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    Hi Thibaut,

              I believe you will have to click
          on Forum,scroll down to Events and
          if any it will be there.Although I think
            it would have been mentioned on Bloxham
          by now !!

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Knebworth House classic car show is on the Sunday/Monday 28/9 August. I haven't been for years but there should be a good turnout. Just off the A1m, about 25 miles out of London
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Loads of things going on....super car weekend at Monday wings and wheels at dunsfold......festival of speed in West Sussex.....
Ooooppps...I did it again....
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Will probably go to wings and wheels.
Hopefully weather will be supportive
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v12 volante man
Blenheim Palace classic car show is on 28/29th August BHW/end.

Its a great show, usually packed solid and has the big house as a background activity along with the grounds to explore. Ive been going there for the last 20 years or so.

The weather is usually ok too albeit has rained many times there.

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John Purser
I don't recollect anything organised by AMOC

No, AMOC (nationally) avoid August Bank Holiday as there are so many other competing events.
A small 'promo' for an event I help organise on the SUNDAY.
Lavenham Rare Breeds Motor show, part of the Carnival.
Lavenham is about 60 miles north east of London.
Head for the village and follow the signs.
If you want to display your car you would need to be there by 09.30/10.00 so.
Otherwise, park and come and see a very wide range of vehicles- 1900s to 2000s -
The point is they are, in the main, cars you won't see every day.

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