Hi everyone,
I am based at RAF Marham in Norfolk, coming under area 14, and on the 24th July this year we are having our annual Families Day. This consists of flying displays, static aircraft displays, stalls, bands and also car displays. I believe the AMOC put in an appearence a few years ago and now I would like to organise another display for this year.
Could anyone interested please respond via the forum and as soon as I've got some more information I shall post it along with my contact details so we can get the ball rolling.
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Nick Duckworth
Would love to Nige as I'm from Norwich.

However I'm away abroad.  June yes, July no.

Best of luck though, sounds like a good day out.

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i would like to attend..... banana
Ooooppps...I did it again....
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Hi everybody,
just an update to say the RAF Marham Families Day will be held on 24th July and not just area 14 are welcome to attend. Colin Wilson will put an advert out in the next AM news and we shall see what happens from there.
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