Had a great day out with a group of Area 14 members, visiting "Just Jane" and then the BBMF at Coningsby. Well organised and a real credit to their area!

Some photos of the day ...

Meeting up at The Ball House, east of Boston, for coffee and bacon rolls!

Parked up in front of the control tower at East Kirkby

East Kirkby's star resident starts up ...

... idles in front of an audience of Astons ...

... and taxis out

The cars line up in front of "Just Jane" ...

.... for a fabulous opportunity for a shot from the top of some old steps!

A trip back to yesteryear ...

Once again, excellent event guys!
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Yes, a great day out.  Some more photos:

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Nice photos, thanks for posting. 
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Lest We Forget

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Duplio7 wrote:

Thank you.

Nostalgia IS what it's cracked up to be. Wish I had been there.

Duplio7 feels humbled by all your photos...
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thanks lovely pic's maybe one should be in pic's of the day
just lovely we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them ?
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Looks brilliant!

Roger I
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Wow!  What a great Aston Martin outing.  I had a chance to see a Lancaster take off and fly over us at an air show in Ohio.  It took off right after a B-17.  It's engines had such a smooth and quieter sound compared to the B-17.  Very impressive.  Thanks for posting this.
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Charlie Farley
Hi Steve

Thanks for posting the photos of an excellent day out, you beat me to it. It was a fantastic day being surrounded by the best of British Engineering! 
Just want to add my thanks to Nick and Colin for organising such a fantastic day out, truly fantastic and memorable. It definately brought a lump to the throat when the Lancaster ran her engines up, and the museum at Kirby was fascinating, could have stayed there for many more hours.

Wonderful, wonderful day.
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Nick Duckworth
Thank you all for coming along and supporting the event.  The images above raise a smile similar to seeing the long lines of Astons winding its way through the Lincolnshire countryside in my rear view mirror.
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I have a book of some of the photographs I took during the day - see
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Well done Nic...brilliant day
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