Does anyone have any pictures of the AMOC or CAMF astons on display at the Le Mans Classic this year?

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A quick surf couldn't locate results. How did we do? At least one regular Area '00' attendee at the 'Rumble in the Bunghole' was competing. Anyone able to post a race report?
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Is this the event where Adrian Newey, ex Williams and McLaren designer, crashed his GT40?
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Tim M
Yes, he made a major mess of his car and it will require a great deal of rebuilding (I guess he can afford it though).
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Nigel Ord
Three 'photos of Adrian Newey's GT40 crash in Classic & Sportscar, September '06.

"He's thinking about the huge repair cost, but he pledges to be out for the Spa 6 Hours in September."

I for one will be amazed if he is but good luck to him!

I would have posted the photos but I am not sure about copyright.
Think its an issue?

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