Last time I checked there were four Aston Martins (including a 1968 DB6 ) being offered for sale at the auction as below.  I am interested in a pretty little 1932 Wolseley Hornet on offer. A few die-hard Aston fans from my local Area have chartered a helicopter to go there, but have had two drop out due to illness.  This means that we have two spare seats. Anyone else interested ?
It is a Stag do and we will make no charge for the seats but a very deep pocket at the bar will be expected !  The two scheduled pick up points are Harrogate and Stamford, although we could make a slight diversion subject to pilot approval. I won't be flying, by the way, since my chopper isn't big enough (now, now- stop that tittering ! ).  Either email me privately via this Forum (but do so quickly) or ring on 07751 577891 and ask for Hugo.

BCA, Blackbushe,Surrey.      Tuesday 22nd. July    Harrogate pickup time- 08.00 hrs.  Stamford pickup time - 09.00  hrs.    Return departure time from destination - when the bar closes.
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