Being a members of AMOC has many benefits.
I wrote this on the flights back.

pdf Australian National 2018.pdf     

I am also trying this as an Epub book produced by pages on my Mac.
With not a lot of success. But I will persevere.

epub Australian National Landscape.epub    
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Thanks for sharing this Gary - wonderful trip and great pictures. Regards, Dave
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john curtis
Excellent report and pics. Thanks.
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Wonderful. We (the UK) should be doing the same sort of offer for the overseas guys coming over here.
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I loved reading that and what a great reminder to just say "yes" !
Lifes not a trial run. Do it don't wish it!

Area 9 North West England
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Great photos and report.
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Great report Gary.

Thanks for keeping the pic of me in a helmet very small and in low res![smile]

(Helmets play havoc with one's hair gel)

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Enjoyed that report and pics.
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Having read the report and looked at the pictures again I think that picture of Mark in the helmet deserves a thread all of its own.
This service to the club that needs to be recognised at a wider level....
What do you say Gary. ?


Sorry Mark but it does need more recognition 😀
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Lot's more memorable moments from the WA National to share.
What about Gary and Mark looking fabulous with the XL helmets.

Sorry, Fay more to follow!



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Dear Forum Master

Please delete this thread as it's inappropriate and damn right embarrassing!🤣


PS If you can't beat them, join them, see pic below.

PPS If any one comments that the pit name should say Austin Powers, not Pearson, they will receive a 5 point penalty in the next Concours.


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Just revisiting this thread to review the extra pictures- thanks for that.
As this was a visit to the Australian event was it an official one for the club as overseas members do not appear to get a lot for their membership or was it something that you have always wanted to do.
Regards Fay
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John Purser
We don't seem to have had a reply but I would add that many Members overseas, near and far, value 'inclusion' as a benefit from their Membership.
I must have visited over 15 Areas and Sections outside Great Britain over the years and we have built up some great liaisons and friendships -
and we're on their B&B circuit when they come to England. We're off to see a couple of them shortly. 
Unfortunately, despite the invitation, I could not fit in a visit to this "National" on Australia's west coast.
One day, Jim (Tweddle)  .....!
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