I have received the following request:

I am trying to put together an Aston Martin Centenary timeline display for the Auto Historica Show at Burpham, near Arundel, West Sussex, on Sunday 1st September, and I am looking for a Lagonda to add to the display.

I know you are the man who not only owns a Lagonda but probably knows a large number of the other Lagonda owners as well and wondered if you could put the word about that a Lagonda would be most welcome to join in. The idea of the display is to show one significant car from every era of Aston Martin’s history, all within a limit of about 15 cars. I fell the Lagonda is certainly a significant car in Aston Martin’s history and am very keen to have one in the display.

I have attached the PR document for the show for your perusal and hope you will find it of interest.

If you or one of your fellow Lagonda owners would like a trip to West Sussex to join this display, please let me know.

Many thanks.

Gareth Richards.
AMOC Area 16 Asst. Rep.  

Dominic Santana, Director BMRC
Tel:  01903 884478
Mob: 07752 411728
Please visit for more info.
Roger I
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Gareth now has a Wedge or 2 so no more are required.
Roger I
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