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Updated list:

Interest so far:

SVN 747K    SPrevett        DBSV8     2 people
XDF10J        P Skitt           DBSV8     2 people
?                GASH1            ?            2 people
BNW 900J   Williamp          DBS V8    2 people
               Philmw           DBSV8            ?
?                Martin C         -             1 person
771 KRA      Geewizzpip     Virage      ?
CUM100J     DBSV8          DBSV8    2 people
?                Sally Butler      DBS
?                Malcolm Symonds
?                Mike Talbot
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Steve I'm sorry I won't be able to attens this event. I wish it every success.
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many people seem unable to come due to other commitments - racing at Donnington etc., so this hangar event will be postponed - the probable new date being 20th October. Andy Chapman has agreed to come along again to field technical queries about any V8 related issue, not just the mechanical FI - which is a bonus for many I'm sure, as he is always a popular guest. I will post a new thread for the new date as soon as it is confirmed.
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