Hi Chaps and Chapesses,
The good folk at Barnados run a scheme called Barnados Black Country Wheels for the underprivilged kids in the Midlands area of the UK.
It's based in Stourbridge(not too far from Birmingham,Coventry,Gaydon....)
I been asked to sort out a celebrity who has had a few nice motors plus some members with nice cars to go and show the kids etc
Sherrie Hewson is going to attend the event(she has a history of Mini's,Triumph Stag's,Aston DB4,Ferrari 308 GTS,Ferrari Mondial,Porsche 911 Turbo,about every BMW and Saab going,new MINI's,Mercs etc and she's my mate so she has been in loads of my cars too.
I haven't got a date yet but if anyone fancies going let me know and we'll have some fun.....I'd like to take Aston's and Jaguar/Daimler product ideally but if someone is desperate to come in a Ferrari or a Yank or whatever then let me know.
A number of us had a great time for Children in Need in 2009 and it's always more satisfying doing something that has a good cause attached.
As always I'll check out the venue etc and see what's going before we commit to anything.
I think they need old scrappers,tools etc donating as well but I'll check it out!
Regards Mike
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I'll be up for it Mike
Ooooppps...I did it again....
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Great.I'll let you know when I've cased the joint!
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I hope your charity fundraiser goes well.  I was reading about it on the Idling board.  You and many others here do a lot of good charity work.

I noticed your celebrity had experience with Stags, and we were watching a movie a week or so ago that had a Stag in it that met with a Scottish caber.  It's around 1:50 in the clip.  Maybe you were involved with providing the car?

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At 2.19 actually. Very funny!
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