Big event being filmed at Millbrook proving ground for the regional Children in Need broadcast on Nov 20th.
As well as the usual local presenters/celebs etc there will be some stunt driving using GM product(there'll be a ballet style show using Astra's plus some other stuff I can't reveal yet)
Inside the Concept 2 building there will be a lot of different vehicles on display I can have 4/5 spaces for an Aston Martin display.
At some point they'll appear on TV on the night (in theory) and it will be an opportunity to raise a bit of money/see a live TV broadcast and of course see the stunt show etc plus whatever other entertainment they have on.
Obviously if you want to appear with a large oversized cheque from your own company you can do.
Should  be a great day so PM me if you want to go and I'll select the cars we can use.
Here is the official BBC page:
Thanks in advance to those who get in touch.
Cheers Mike
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This is looking good now.
May have a limited number of free passes but you may be roped in to car guarding:
We are taking:
RSW 4.7 DB5(Silver Birch)
V8 Zagato Volante
V8 Zagato Vantage
New Mustang Bullitt]
Reliant Regal Supervan 111(Only Fools and Horses)
Audi quattro (Ashes to Ashes)
4 Vauxhall Astra VXR's stunt display cars]
1 Vauxhall VXR8 stunt display cars
Quite a fun line up!
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That could possibly be the best Aston related day I've had in ages......
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