For your info.
27th September Ian Ogilvy signing at Collectormania Milton keynes tomorrow.
It's the 30th anniversary of The Return of The Saint and with a bit of luck I'll have him re-united with the white XJS for a photoshoot.
30th September NFT London-Michael Deeley,producer of The Italian Job,Robbery etc signing his new book and giving an interview
5th Oct London Palladium-Ian Fleming night with Sir Roger Moore,Judi Dench,Samantha Bond,Joanna Lumley etc etc etc
9th Oct Jonathan Ross show being filmed with Sir Roger moore on it
10th Oct Michael Deeley at the Film Lunch Club
16th Oct NFT Sir Roger Moore talk and book signing
19th Oct Pinewood Massive Spy Who Loved Me event with the Lotus,cast,crew,new digital screening,gala dinner with Sir Roger etc
THERE ARE SOME PRESS SCREENING OF QOS from 26th Oct-keep your eyes peeled on the net.
29th Oct Royal Prem and Party
2nd Dec Royal Fest Hall -Passage homeless charity convert night organised by Sir Roger and his daughter Debbie plus party afterwards
In addition Daniel Craig and Sir Roger will on the telly a lot in October so keep checking the web/Tv Guides etc
Also a cheap souvenir is Quantum of solace Coke bottles in Harrods.
The phone is a Sony E C902 through 02 ONLY!!!
Make sure you get the BOND one though not a standard one.
If anyone wants a prem brochure PM me
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Few of these are sold out now.
Continue to PM me for exact details.
If anyone interested in the Return of The Saint I've got some pics of Ian O with the Jag.
New Bond products I'll put in Automobila.
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Roger on Jonathan Ross tonight.
Hey by the way they actually chat to the 3 guests for about 2 and a half hours.It's really cool and Jonathan Ross was really nice and you tell he was a big fan of Rogers.
He also tells the audience to be on the guests side even if Jonathan starts taking the mick.
He had his new Morgan Roadster too!
Daniel C Is going on the show in 2 weeks.
The Palladium Fleming event on Sunday was ace and Daniel C was the surprise guest.
Best bit was Dempsey and Makepeace(real life couple Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber were sat in front of me!!!).
02 have got the Sony C902 phone now.Remeber it's the TITANIUM one.
Sony have introduced the limited edition Quantum of Solace Z series laptop.It's about £2/3k
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Nick Duckworth
I watched an old Dempsy & Makepeace program not so long back and did a Google search.  Glynnis Barber has a website and is just as stunning as she was 25 years ago. 
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Agreed she is well fit and both of them were very nice to talk to !!!
Remember when she played Jane from the comic strip and always ended up in stockings and suspenders......
By the way the Roger event tomorrow night is the National Theatre next door to the National Film Theatre.
It's sold out so don't just turn up!!
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Roger was also in a programme last night about tailoring, with Michael caine discussing the suits they wore in the films. Very interesting...
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It was a good programme.
Emma Forbes did a good on stage interview tonight at the NT with Sir Roger and then every one of his book sold out and we had queues miles long for a signing.
I had great fun 'bouncing' the autograph dealers who were trying to sneak in items other than the book for signing.
I was throwing someone out when our own David Minton popped up.
Nice to see you David,hoped you enjoyed your meet with the top man.
Sorry I was a bit busy ...... ;D
Plus I ended up with that massive birthday cake on the back seat of the car to his hotel with it sliding about................
Sir Roger is doing Bluewater Waterstones tomorrow night if anyone interested in getting a book !!!
I'm with Bond girls at a charity do though!!
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Tim M
It's a hard life for some! 
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Been out of town for a week or two. Only just catching up with the forum.

It was indeed a great evening with Sir Roger at the NT. I thought Emma Forbes was absolutely brilliant! Much better than Jonathan Woss. Sir Roger was on terrific form. A real gent. Great to finally meet you Mike, albeit briefly. Do you know if Roger's ever owned an Aston?
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Yes David it was nice to meet you too.
No he hasn't owned an Aston.
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