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Yes by email but not opened yet.
Roger I
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asington wrote:

Anne - wouldn't you rather be out in the open air with a bucket and sponge helping to clean our cars as we arrive?

As someone who tries to avoid washing any car if I can help it, and when I do, David invariably complains that I've not done the wheels well enough - I'm sure you would do a better job of it

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John Purser
they have banned Bob-A-Job as people with Aston Martins were abusing the system by asking for a full detail

I thought it was that old joke about the boys who were asked to whitewash the porch and whitewashed the Porsche.....

To be serious about Wedgie's comment, some Members are more sensitive than others about how a car is washed and I wouldn't want to unleash enthusiasm over expertise. But worth a thought, for those making the road trip to Alnwick
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May I suggest that whoever organised the Alnwick location (great idea) could contact an Alnwick charity (Rotary / Round Table?) and ask them if they would like to supply the service - I would be happy to pay £10 to have the Aston cleaned for charity - I could then 'detail' it when located for the concours.
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it appears the lancaster flypast will not happen, due to the BBMF lanc suffereing an engine fire earlier today.....
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John Purser
Nothing showing (unequivocably) on the BBMF website.
It does show how busy they are.
This flight is scheduled to Biggin Hill via Woburn & Runneymede and then off to the Cenotaph in the afternoon
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Lord Rowley
It was on BBC and local news websites last night unfortunately .
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