I hesitate to call this a show - because it's really just a gathering of cars and their enthusiastic owners.

At Valley Circle, just south of the 101 in Calabasas (in the Vons parking lot), there's an impromptu car show every Sunday morning from 8-10am.  ...it's always fun, with 20-30 cars in attendance, but the last Sunday of the month always draws the big boys (there have been over a hundred cars at times).

Since this coming Sunday is the last of April - it's destined to be a terrific show.  In May three Enzos showed up, and Leno stopped in with an pre-ware Bugatti (I missed it, so I can't say which Bug he brought).  There were three Carerra GTs there yesterday, and a Noble M12 (and a DeTomaso Guara)...

Guaranteed to be a fun place this Sunday with much eye candy.

The people watching is pretty amazing (particularly some of the more devout Tifosi).

Anyway - I'll be there - look for the white DB9 SDP Coupe and say "hi" if you can make it!
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DB Ghost, good to meet you this morning! Always happy to give a parking spot to a fellow Aston Martin fan. Take care, Rio
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Nice to meet you too, Rio!  (And thanks for the parking space!  )... ...when I left, I gave my space to a 'vette which had just shown up (and it seemed right, as there were several of them all together there).  The MINUTE I pulled out, a Vanquish came in... ...I wish I could've passed it on to another Astonista!

A few minutes before I left, a Vector pulled in.  Not only was it a Vector, but it was a purple Roadster.  I believe it was THE purple Avtech WX-3R (roadster).  I'm *nearly* positive that the gentleman driving it was Mr. Weigert himself.  Check out this pic: 


I tell you - we need to show some force, people!  Over the course of the entire day (it ends about 11:00am, when the merchants would like their parking spaces back), there were only 5 Astons (and only one which stayed the whole time).  There was the most delectable '77 V8 Vantage (Red w/Magnolia leather)...  Meanwhile, prety much everything else you can even think of was there...  Genuine 2/c 427 Cobra, Ariel Atom (, Callaway c16 Corvette (the car from the cover/article of May 2007 Automoble Magazine).

Very laid back, very much "car guys" in attendance.  I talked so much I was nearly voiceless by the time we left...

Last Sunday of every month!  I'm gonna try to take our Tickford Limo Lagonda for the May show)...)
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