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Another huge thank you to Garry and his team for a great day on Saturday, this was our first ever such event and we were privileged to be one of the 100 Astons.  Andrea and I met such pleasant people and even as non-members were made most welcome - as a consequence we have today made application to join the AMOC and look forward to meeting you at other such events.
Thank you again Garry, Dave and Andrea (X50 DJW)
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Thank you so much for the posts above. They are truly appreciated.

Also, I just wanted thank you for your time and support at CarFest South last weekend. Other than a shower on Saturday for an hour, and the rain clearing by 10am Sunday, my request to the weather gods came good considering the rain and fury elsewhere in the UK, we got off very lightly!

I have received a considerable number of emails, texts and phone calls stating how much they enjoyed it and how the Overton parade was the highlight. I didn’t go on that (for I was aware of having to park 100 cars on the way back hitting me at the same time!) but some of the phone clips I've seen showed the amazing crowds through the village. I will reply to you individually and I will pass on your appreciation to John Goode, John and Bev Lynch, Gazebo Jane Nicholls and Richard on  catering– my glamorous assistants, and Baz at CarFest.

We must not forget that although we thoroughly enjoyed the event, we were invited to display the cars for the CarFest crowd. One memory I have is a young boy with his parents on the Saturday saying at our display “This must be heaven” I remember my car influences from a young age, so I thank you for spending time with the CarFest families, and in some case allowing to sit in your cars – you must not underestimate the impression you leave.

I have scribbled a draft report for the next issue of AM Quarterly, and should appear in November, plus a brief overview in AM News, out beginning of October.

That I think is all from me. Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a delight to be with you over the past few days and hope to see you again.
Now, where’s the wine..

Garry Taylor
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I managed to grab some photos of the Aston Martin display at CFS. Thanks to Roy for providing one of the parade lap and the DB6 rear shot.

Perform a clicking action here -:-[ Aston Martin at CarFestSouth

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Found this on YouTube. Aston Martin parade through Overton

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