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Ok I can see the pdf again.

But can someone please confirm me today's route, because it seems to me that both the Furka and St.Gotthard Passes are closed due to weather condition.

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If the St. Gotthard is closed that's a Furka
24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case, coincidence ? i think not.
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Ian Postles
Just back from the Tour. Really enjoyed it and thanks to Michael Miller and Classics on the Road for all their hard work in making it happen. We did both tours and the mini tour was just perfect. The main tour was perhaps a bit too big and took us into big international hotels where the level of service was not at the very high level we had got used to on the mini tour.

The Schlumpf museum was definitely the highlight for me. Waking up to snow in Davos and generally the weather was unexpected.

As usual on Aston events met some great people and made lots of new friends.

2,500 miles in just over a week - superb but the Aston needs a good clean now
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jerry pike
epic first AMOC event for us. thanks to all involved both as organisers and participants. as Ian said, great people, new friends and particular thanks to Ian for the soundtrack!
personal highlight: Monza "parade" laps, truly Italian attitude
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Joanne and I had such a great time.  Super to meet everyone on the tour.  For us, being able to drive these superb roads in Europe, seeing the special places, enjoying the hotels and the meals together, it was so memorable.  Our heartfelt warm thanks to all of those who contributed to the planning and organization of this special tour.  It was no doubt an enormous undertaking.
David & Joanne
(The Canucks in the Yellow DB
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Hi everyone, if anyone has any good pictures it would be nice to see them in the Gallery section. I've loaded some but always interested in seeing other people's pics.
Still burning hydrocarbons just for fun! 

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Here's a link to an album of my own Tour, on which I spent some time together with the Centenary Tour participants.
I started from Rikki Cann's in Southend, then drove straight to Como for the Concorso Villa d'Este. The CC100 concept car was still driving around the town just one day before the Centenary Tour reached Moltrasio!
Our trip ended in Nice where I left AM-8 to a friend for land transport back to Helsinki

Klassikot Net Tour 2013

Harri Asunta
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db7 boy
Here is a link to the official DVD of the Tour which has now been posted on YouTube.
A truly great event as can be seen from this Video... I particularly love the Volante in the falling snow!
Thank you to all who came and made it all possible.
See you next year.
Mike Miller.

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