I attended the Champagne British Car Festival in Champaign, Illinois, the first AMOC Midwest US event of the year this weekend. I drove my car down from Chicago, braving the Memorial Day weather gods, who decided to dump significant quantities of rain over the weekend. I met Jim Causey, the AMOC Midwest Area Rep along with fellow AMOC member Peter Conover from the suburbs of Chicago at the event. We drove the rallye on Saturday, viewed the parking lot concour on Sunday, and had a number of meals in between. Although we contributed the only Aston's to the event, it was still interesting seeing all the MGs, Triumphs, Austin Healeys, Jaguars, and Lotus. Jim's 1953 DB2 DHC took first place in the "Other Category". Here's a picture of the Aston's -Jim's DB2 (dark red), Jim's DB4 (blue), and my V8 Vantage (red), just barely visible in the upper left corner.

Henry Matson
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Well done, Henry - those weather gods were doing their thing over here too (over what we call a Bank holiday). Thanks for posting the photograph - great looking cars. Any others you could share?

Best wishes, Tim
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