A few of us are helping with a James Bond event at the Boardwalk, Port Solent, Portsmouth on November 17th to raise money for Children in Need.

The event organisers would particularly like a Vanquish to be part of the static display.  Is there anyone who would be interested?

The car would need to be in place by 5pm and would ideally stay until 10pm.  The event is around the marina and all the cafes are taking on the theme of different bond movies.  Everyone will hopefully be in evening dress or in a james bond character.

There will be a stunt event during the evening which includes an aston, the navy and a cast of others.  There are also events such as a casino etc being held in the different cafe's as well as a charity auction.

We already have 3 astons for the static display and just need the one more.  We have checked out the area to make sure it is suitable for the cars.

There is a dry run on Thursday 9th November which will be filmed by the BBC for showing on South Today on Friday 10th to advertise the event.  Practicing will be done during the day with the actual filming between 6-8pm.  David and I will be there from 3pm, so if you wanted to come and sus it out you would be welcome.

Happy to provide more details on request.

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john curtis
I suppose your Area Rep won't have his new toy in time? ;D
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He might do but can't guarantee it.
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Richard Lay
Dear Anne,
I am sorry but I have been away and am shooting in Kent on 17th so I cannot get to you in time ( also I do not look well in breeks!) I am very sorry but will see you on Tuesday.
Regards Richard
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As part of this event BBC radio 2 are holding an auction of things you can't buy. Tey have different lots each day; tomorrow they are offering the chance to spend three days with Apex Racing at the Tourist Trophy next May when JAGUAR return to sports car racing with the XKR. Is this a surprise to everyone as well as me or have I missed something?
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