Doctor Houx
Has the club been approached about a display at this event?  I understand they want prestige car clubs to supply 7 cars of each marque. I have a weekend ticket and very happy to include my ex works press Vanquish SDP as one of the "Magnificent 7" as Chris calls them
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Frank H. Area 14 (Norfolk) and Le Mans, France.
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John Purser
I heard him trailling this (an aberation, car radio had been left on Radio 2, stiff note to wife needed) and also wondered.
Will make enquiries. I wouldn't like us to get confused with the Austin Maxi Owners Club.
I do wish they would ask first before annoucing what will be there, then asking for it.
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There's a second event - Carfest North also being held this year.
Is scheduled for 8th & 9th September at Cholmondeley (Chumley) Castle in Cheshire - tickets go in sale this Friday 4th May from 8 a.m. via the website.

This venue also holds the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in June - Area 9 have been known to have an official presence there in previous years, but don't think were given the opportunity this year, though I may be mistaken.

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db7 boy
Hello all,
Yes the AMOC Social Committee are on the case and have an invitation It is being handled by Michael Urban at the moment.
I will make Michael aware of this post so that he can keep interested members updated.
Thank you for the offer of the Vanquish... we will be in touch I suspect.
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Got my tickets anyway.
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