Andrew Forret, Area 6 Rep has asked me to post this on his behalf:

Classic Le Mans will be with us again in 2018 running from 6th–8th July. The increase in popularity of this event means that accommodation is increasingly difficult and expensive to come by. Following on from the 2012/14/16 events I have managed to retain 10 twin/double rooms at the Brit Hotel – Le Mans which is located on the northern outskirts of Le Mans at Saint-Saturnin.

The bookings are for 4 nights, arriving Thursday 5th and departing Monday 9th. The costs are €560.00 for 1 or 2 persons B&B, plus €1.00 per person per day City Tax.

Extra nights are available at €140.00 per night. Having stayed here myself in 2012, along with many other AMOC Members, I can vouch for the quality of this hotel. The only thing that is not normally provided is food on the Sunday evening.

Rooms are offered on a first come first served basis. A 30% deposit will be required by 1st October, a further 30% by 1st February and the balance by 6th May.

Any bookings cancelled after 6th April will be charged.

Arrangements for tickets for the event and track laps will be made through AMOC, who will also be arranging free Club parking on the circuit for Aston Martin and Lagonda cars only.

If you require a room, or rooms, please contact me by email, stating your room requirements and also your AMOC Membership number and Area.


Andrew Forret

Area 6 Rep.


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Lord Rowley
Lady Madam Chairman, Gentlemen & Ladies,
Have been paying out money to Monsieur Forret for some months now (The AMOC Godfather) and have just paid the Hospitality balance to the good people at 1st Tickets.

So we are Dining with The Forret Foragers at Hotel de France on the Fri night, lunching in the AMOC Marquee on the Sat and tucking into a hamper on the Sunday. In between trips to the Lagache and Dunlop Stands, we will be kept hydrated with our daily AMOC wrist bands.

Had an Absolutely Fabulous time there in 2016 - I'd only presented 'Er Ladyship with Tweety Pie the previous week. We had a great drive down and the weather over the weekend was STUNNING. As always, we met some fantastic people and have been out with some of them since, back in Blighty.  

We went Newhaven-Dieppe but thought we'd try something different this time. 

"Amazingly", we are very inexperienced at this lark, as obviously, we would normally take the Gulfstream but as it's in for it's Aero-MoT that week,"the little lady"[nono] is suggesting the train and over-nighting somewhere on the drive down.  I could search through the Forum to find some of the fine suggestions you boys & girls have posted for appropriate routes but it would be useful to have the up to date data.

Would a detour via the old Circuit at Reims and the Tatt. Cellars be practical ?

(Other than the V8VR having the smallest boot "IN THE WORLD !" So we would have to ship our cases home).

If we caught Le Shuttle* from Folkestone at a civilised time (midday) on the Thurs., what would be YOUR suggestions for a leisurely drive down to arrive at Arnage on Friday please? (We'll return on the Monday, late afternoon train)

Grazie mille [wink]

Lord & Lady Rowley (International Bon Viveurs!)

I think I'll start a new Fred to see who else is going. Hopefully, The Forret Foragers are lurking on this Forum somewhere to start us off...

I know you will have some ideas on this Mr Mayor.[thumb]

* I read that I should say we have a "high-sided vehicle" so we are allocated the upper deck of the train, where the inside track is wider (to protect those beautiful V12V wheels).
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Ian Postles
Kevin, “booking high sided vehicle” gets you in with the lorries and that is exactly the best place to be. You definitely do not want to be on the upper deck of the car carriages unless you want a very stressful crossing 😉
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Lord Rowley
Just goes to show, “one” should not believe what “one” reads on t’internet !

Always, best to ask a The Astoneers first ! 👍 🥂 🇬🇧
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Doctor Houx
Lord R,

Been going to main race since 1986 (missed 2) and LMC a few times too, so sort of know all the routes down.  Leisurely drive from tunnel to the circuit in about 7 hours inc a lunch stop via Rouen and then the old 138.  You can do autoroute all the way now in about 4 hours, traffic permitting.

Reims (or Rance as the locals pronounce it) is NE of Paris, so not exactly on the way, but you can do this then travel clockwise to an overnight stop south of Paris (Fontainblau forest area is superb) then leisurely run next day from there to LM.  Did the Tattinger vaults last year and excellent tour, if a bit chilly down there. 

I'm a regular at Le Chartre and next there mid May, so will warn Sally & Paul and their team to keep a close eye on you lot on the Friday[wink]    

"Racing is life; everything that happens before or after is just waiting."
Steve McQueen
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Not wanting to disappoint (!), personally I would go via Dieppe or even Caen. The drive south to Le Mans is less than 3 hours leaving plenty of time for a sumptuous lunch stop! Reims is miles in the wrong direction and getting round Gay Paris (!) can be a nightmare. I took my V8VR on the train last year and had no problems with the lower section of the Chunnel but I still prefer le bateau as it gives time for a leisurely breakfast or lunch. I would also recommend acquiring a Sanef Tag to ease the passage through Les Piages and really pisses-off your passenger - getting the car near to the left side pay machine can be a very expensive exercise! I've had a Sanef Tag for years and even though I only visit France possibly every 2 years, its worth it's weight in gold! The UK company is based in Harrogate and are very efficient. And don't forget - the French drive on the wrong side of the road!!!
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Totally agree about the Sanef Tag, excellent idea. Being in Hampshire I also agree about using the ferry, Portsmouth to Caen being our favourite. Get the overnight crossing and get an outside cabin or go Commodore class and you get continental breakfast in your room and newspapers etc. Then from Caen we drive down via Flers, Domfronts, Mayenne and Sille le Guillaume. Lot's of towns to get a nice lunch. 
Still burning hydrocarbons just for fun! 

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M500 TOO
I am coming in company with Andrew Laing big lotus fan in his V8 esprit we are with le mob through Tony flint staying at a chateau thing close by - considering Aston hospitality for time at circuit is it still available

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M500 TOO
We are hull overnight to zeebrugge so a bit of a dash on Thursday Am

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