A few photos from the weekend.  More photos and the overall results for the competing Aston Martins are on the Club Facebook:

The AM Heritage Trust Stand
180706_Classic Le Mans_Trust Stand_AReed.jpg

Club Hospitality Marquee
180707_Classic Le Mans_Marquee_AReed.jpg

The Club Shop
180706_Classic Le Mans_Shop_AReed.jpg

Complimentary Tea, Coffee and water throughout the day
180706_Classic Le Mans_Tea_AReed.jpg

All the cars for each race and parade went past our marquee, which made great viewing.
180706_Classic Le Mans_line up_AReed.jpg

Many of us went on the Saturday morning Track Laps

180706_Classic Le Mans_Parade2_AReed.jpg 
180706_Classic Le Mans_Parade_AReed.jpg
 105 Aston Martins parked around the marquee on Saturday. The big screen meant we could watch the racing, and the football, from our marquee.
180706_Classic Le Mans_Parking_AReed.jpg  180706_Classic Le Mans_Parking2_AReed.jpg180706_Classic Le Mans_Parking 3_AReed.jpg  180706_Classic Le Mans_Parking4_AReed.jpg  180706_Classic Le Mans_Parking5_AReed.jpg
The HQ Team and volunteers who helped throughout the weekend.
180706_Classic Le Mans_Team_AReed.jpg

Lunch on Saturday - Club catering.....
180706_Classic Le Mans_Lunch_AReed.jpg  180706_Classic Le Mans_Lunch2_AReed.jpg

and picnics.
180706_Classic Le Mans_Picnics_AReed.jpg  180706_Classic Le Mans_picnic2_AReed.jpg

Looking over some of the race paddocks
180706_Classic Le Mans_Paddocks_AReed.jpg

Some of the competing Astons
180706_Classic Le Mans_Felthams_AReed.jpg
180708_Classic Le Mans_Plateau 3_AReed.jpg  180708_Classic Le Mans_Muncher_AReed.jpg

Packing everything back into the van at the end of Sunday
180708_Classic Le Mans_Van_AReed.jpg  180708_Classic Le Mans_Empty Tent_AReed.jpg

Informal dinner arranged by Andy Forret to end the weekend.
180708_Classic Le Mans_Dinner_AReed.jpg
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john curtis
Lovely pics, thanks Anne. Seems everyone was enjoying themselves.
In your photos of the Feltham cars I see my old dog was at the end. Have you got any of the car in action ? Plateau 2.
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A few from my photos mainly Friday morning and a few on Sunday afternoon for Grid 4 and 6DSC_0778.jpg  DSC_0784.jpg  DSC_0776.jpg  DSC_0789.jpg  DSC_0793.jpg  DSC_0792.jpg  DSC_0791.jpg  DSC_0795.jpg  DSC_0799.jpg  DSC_0788.jpg  DSC_0807.jpg  DSC_0783.jpg  DSC_0814.jpg  DSC_0818.jpg  DSC_0871.jpg  DSC_0880.jpg  DSC_0892.jpg  DSC_0911.jpg  DSC_0942.jpg  DSC_0964.jpg 
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Thank you Anne for your hospitality. It was lovely to meet you and all the others with whom we enjoyed the weekend. Pity we didn’t know about the dinner on the Sunday otherwise we would have been there. Until next time.
Brian and Marilyn.
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