I've been invited to 'exhibit' (there are no categories for concours competion for cars as new as an my Vantage at the City of Chico's upcoming Concours D'Elegance, which has a reputation as one of the nicest car shows in northern California.

The organizers would love to have more Aston Martins on display at the event, so I'm hoping some of you (Pettifogger?!) might want to join in the fun. Eat. Drink. Watch girls. All the usual stuff. Weather will be sunny and pleasant, guaranteed. The date is September 11th.

Please let me know if anyone is interested, so I can make sure we get a nice spot for our cars.

I did see the new Zagato in Monterey at the Aston Martin Estate event about a week ago, and I must admit it looks much better in real life than the photos might imply. It is an aggressive-looking little bugger.
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