John Purser
A very enjoyable morning at Rikki Cann's, organised by Mark Donoghue as a 'live' training session for AMOC Concours judges, existing and would be. Introduced as 'the judge who has been at it since the cars arrived preceded by a man with a red flag', I have to say that isn't quite right - when I were a lad we had to judge t'horses, then the carriages. Concours doyenne Clare Gardner admitted to her second visiit to Essex in 30 years and fashionistas will be pleased to hear she (and Wendy Silver) has eschewed white stillettos...

Talks came from Rikki (on the detail needed when planning an Elite class contender), from Alan Chandler (on how he got into entering and  subsequently judging) and Gary William's tale of the longterm rebuild, upgrading and improvement of his car. We over-ran slightly and Patrick Filsell's comments on pre-war cars were held over until the next gathering - possibly combined with the judges' end of season 'wash-out' meeting.

All this was carried out in Rikki's immaculate workshops - the Garage at the End of the Universe in Shoebury and he very kindly hosted a buffet lunch as well for us. Many thanks indeed, Rikki, for your thoughtful gesture and Mark for pulling together a grand morning out.
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An enjoyable day with a great insight on concours judging.

I am looking forward to assisting in any way I can.

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A good day but I was expecting more tours round the cars like Rikki did.
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