Thanks to everyone who attended the 2017 Autumn Concours. The results for your records.

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Photos from the Saturday 'indoor' BBQ (because of the rain), the Dinner at the Eden Project and the Concours at Boconnoc House.

170916_BBQ_AReed.JPG  170916_Dinner_Biodome_AReed.JPG  170916_Eden_Dinner_AReed.JPG  170917_Boconnoc_Astons_DReed.jpg  170917_Boconnoc_Astons+House+Church_DReed.JPG  170917_Boconnoc_Cars+House_AReed.JPG  170917_Boconnoc_Marquees_AReed.JPG  170917_Boconnoc_Sitting room_AReed.JPG  170917_Boconnoc_Stableyard_AReed.JPG  170917_Boconnoc_Taittinger_AReed.JPG  170917_Boconnoc_Trust display_AReed.JPG
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Lord Rowley
Thank you Anne.
Really fab fun event.
How come we are so lucky with weather on Concours Day ?
Cats & Dogs for 5 out of the 6 hour drive home this afternoon/night (Monday).
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DSC05869.JPG  DSC05870.JPG  DSC05871.JPG  DSC05872.JPG  DSC05873.JPG  DSC05874.JPG  DSC05876.JPG  DSC05877.JPG  DSC05878.JPG  DSC05878.JPG 
Roger I
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Mark Rolfe
Some more pics from the concours
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Lord Rowley
So that sunrise pic WAS you. Brilliant. We'd loved to have arrived that early but level-crossing closure, re-routing, sat-nav and Concours-self-imposed speed limits, meant it took almost an hour from St.Austell.
"Still mustn't grumble".
What a fabulous day!
The Rowley's.
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Other than the frightful weather on the Saturday, the Concours was a great success. The location brought a number of locals out and that made it all the better. The mileage was a bit of an issue but those who made the effort will have had the advantage of some great driving (if they managed to miss the trouble on the M5!). I then travelled to Brittany for some REALLY phenomenal driving and I would recommend this to you all. Bayeux and Le Touquet were the bases for 2 nights each and a return via the Chunnel. Overall over 1300 miles for the week and the car didn't miss a beat!
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Lord Rowley
Car looked great Mr Mayor - lovely (and I suspect, rare) colour.
Well done on picking up a plaque too. That must have been a shock from what you alluded to prior.
Shame we didn't get that much time to talk - so many AMOC'ers so little time. ;-)
Brittany sounds great .
The Westminster at Le Touq ?
Or "The 'Otel Spondide" as Fleming referred to it in his Bond books.
How appropriate, you Old Rascal. :-)
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