It has been publicised in AM News but just in case you missed it this event is this Saturday 5th September in Farsley near Leeds.  We are meeting at 10am in the car park of Farsley Celtic FC.  Satnav LS28 5BE

Sir David Brown's grandson, Adam will be unveiling a memorial plaque on the site of the David Brown group's tractor  factory which is actually where so called Feltham cars were built from 1952 to 1956.  Also present will be Viscountess Downe, AMOC President, John Purser, AMOC Chairman, Roger Carey, AMHT Chairman, plus representatives of the David Brown Tractor Club, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, JCT600 Brooklands and Leeds City Council

There will be then a parade of Aston Martin cars and David Brown tractors down Farsley High Street to a car park where the cars will be on display.  There is also an art exhibition of AM related work.  Many good places to eat and drink etc.

Need any more information email Peter Skitt or Jonathan Moorhouse or 07966 479630
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Fantastic had by all it would appear.  Adam Brown certainly is a chip off the old block!  And an absolute gentleman.  We had visitors from amazing distances but the man from Australia beat them all.  It was good to see all those 1950s apprentices, particularly Barrie 'Whizzo' Williams who brought the 1959 DBR4 Formula One car.  Sadly not allowed to run the engine though.

Thanks to all who came

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John Purser
Homage to Jonathan, whose idea it was to mark the spot permanently and get Leeds City Council behind the idea.
The plinth, the unveiling, the cavalcade and huge enthusiasm by the locals
for Astons from 1953-2015 and iconic red tractors from about 1948-1958 were a great mix.
Plus the earliest Lagonda made post war, under DB ownership.
Adam Brown is a mine of knowledge about the whole company and all the products -
he worked at the "gears" factory until it was sold. He still lives nearby.
Really good fun.
And intrigued by my own "my Dad knew your Dad, and your Granddad" story.

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