Aston Martin owners,

Help needed !!!

I am getting married in June (07.06.

Since we got engaged my boyrfriend and I have talked about having an Aston Martin DB 5, DB 6 as our wedding car. 

I have looked in to hiring one,  but for peak season we'd have to hire it for a 4 day weekend and the price for that is silly expensive for the 1-2 hours we'd need it.

I was hoping that a kind hearted Aston Martin owner that lives in/near Surrey would consider hiring theirs out to us.

I'm sure lots of people try their luck with posts like this, but i really would be over the moon if anyone could help.

Thank you to anyone who thinks they may be able to help or who has bothered to read this.


Details of wedding -

Godalming, Surrey
Time : 3.30pm 07.06.08
We would need the car to go from my parents house, to the local church (3 min drive) and after the service back to my parents where the reception is.
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Mr Toad
Congratulations  :-* I am sure there are some members of the forum who maybe able to help,Unfortunately I will be at another function on that day.Best of luck.
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Nick Duckworth
Ditto, keep trying.

I don't have a 5 or a 6 and not in that part of the world anyway, but best wishes for the wedding and getting the car you want.

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