I have been planning a time line display for the Auto Historica Show in Burpham, near Arundel, West Sussex on Sunday 1st September. This is my small contribution to the Aston Martin Centenary celebrations for Area 16, for whom I am the Asst. Rep.

I am trying to find 1 car from every era of Aston Martin's history to provide a time line all contained within a limit of 15 cars. I have all of them lined up apart from a gaping hole in the DB2 or DB2/4 spot. I have a MKIII lined up but the earlier DB2s need to be represented.

I know that there is a Feltham Era Car Tour on the same date and that is why I am struggling to find a suitable car but is there anyone out there who has a DB2 or DB2/4 MKI or MKII, who is not going on the Feltham Era Car Tour and is interested in bring there car down to West Sussex for this display?

Your car does not need to be in concours condition, just a good example of what DB2s look like and available on 1st September.

If anyone can help, please let me know. My contact details are in AM News under Area 16. Entry is FREE!!

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