Hello,  I have to change the 185/15 Avon turbo speed on my DB5.   I see more and more cars fitted with 205/70/15 Avon CR6ZZ or Michelin/Pirelli equivalent.  Is it really worth it to upgrade ?  I am aware of the risk that the tyres could eventually touch the body.
Your comments will be appreciated. Thank you, Ollivier
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I have fitted 205/70/15 CR6ZZ tyres to my DB5. I am absolutely delighted with them but I did take the precaution of having the steering geometry checked/re-set. They never rubbed the wheel arches etc and best of all their profile is similar to the originals, so they look right.
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I fitted 205s to my 5. I just think they fill the wheel arches better.
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I have 205 Avon Turbosteel full profile. I have not had any problem with the tyres rubbing. Some years ago I ran with Pirelli P4000  205/70s on my DB5 coupe. They did not fill the arches so well, or look quite right to my eye and also made the car heavier at parking speed  Strangely the full profile 205 spare fits in the spare wheel well of my DB5 coupe but is just too big when inflated to fit into the wheel well of my convertible. As an added bonus, the speedo of both cars seems just about spot on with the full profile 205s.

Does anyone run with Pirelli Cinturatos? I thought I might try these when I next change. I have never thought that wet braking was that great with the Turbosteels.
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Thank you all for your feedback.   I will go for the 205 ! 
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Im trying the Pirellis next on my db4. Love them on the etype…..My last db4 I ran the Michelin pilotes , They were great but a little big in the wheel wells, they never did rub but the car felt heavier parking and corners...…...
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Dougal Cawley
Have a look a look at the pictures of the green DB5 towards the bottom of this page.


The 205VR15 CN72 should be coming back into stock this month all being well.

Worth noting that this tyre sometimes does not fit a series 1 DB6, but the series 2 DB6 had it's wheel arches flared to fit it.

However on the few DB5 cars we have fitted this 205VR15 CN72 they have fitted. But part of what is fab about a DB5 is part of what makes the difficult. Bceause they are bespoke they are all different, so tyre that fits in one DB5 might not fit on another DB5.

Worth noting that this tyre is a 205VR15 not a 205/70VR15.

So a DB5 as standard fitted 670H15 Avon TurboSpeed or Dunlop RS5. this link shows you the tyres we offer in this size. https://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/tyres/670-15.html  but the data you want off there is that the Avon had a diameter of 695mm  

If you asked Aston for a radial tyre in the day they offered 185VR15 Pirelli Cinturato. Why wouldn't they, it was the best tyre available, as it is today. that is what i would fit. It will be the best driver tyre in many ways and look cool.

However a 185VR15 tyre (or a 205/70VR15 for that matter) has an overall diameter of 676mm (of which the Pirelli is possibly the tallest). A crossply has a bit more sag in the side wall so the rolling radius would be less of a difference compared to the overall inflated diameter. However the attraction of the 205VR15 Pirelli Cinturato CN72 is the 710mm overall diameter, but even though it is a 205 section it will have a slightly thinner tread pattern than a 205/70VR15 tyre so it will handle nicer. I guess the other attraction is that it is a proper Aston tyre that they fitted to DB6 MK2 and the 6 cylinder DBS. being the nerd i am, i studied very carefully i noted that they were also fitted by Lord Brett Rupert George Robert Andrew Sinclair.

So for me i would go for the nimble handling of the 185VR15, However there is some attraction to the taller 205VR15 tyre for longer legged motorway use, more comfort and a bit of handy clearance so you don't leave your exhaust pipe on the stupid speed bumps that town council plannig idiots think are a good idea.

When it comes to brand, I on't think Dunlop were up to speed with their radials yet. they didn't make a radial that could get a 150mph speed rating in the day. I think they were making the SP41 which within Jaguar they were sending Memos saying that if people wanted to fit a Dunlop Radial then they had to speed restrict the car. Jag went radial in 1968 when the Sp Sport came out.

I don't think Avon were on it. i have beed  struggling to find out when Avon developed the radial Turbo Steel, but i don't think it was untill the 1970s

Personally i prefer Pirelli any way. I have the CA67 on my Elite and they are fab. The 205VR15 CN72 came out in 1964. If you look at Maserati tyre fitment you will note in 1964 they changed to 15" Borranis, because Pirelli were capable of making a 205 section tyre that 150mph. everyone else was doing 185. Ferrari also moved on to 205VR15 CN72. The first Muira fitted 205Vr15 CN72, as did ISO, Bizarini and of corse Aston Martin 
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