This long running event will this year be held in Cambridge on 7/8/9/10 of June 2012.
We have reserved rooms at an hotel within short walking distance of the centre of Cambridge.  Rooms will be around £125 per night and the Saturday night formal dinner will be £22 each extra.  The hotel will give discount for staying more than one night.

A provisional itinerary is

[tr][td]Friday [/td][td]Lunch followed visit to Duxford aviation museum.
(Wives can go to Cambridge on the new guided bus)[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Saturday [/td][td]Drive out to Newmarket,  Lavenham and coast with a dinner in the evening.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Sunday [/td][td]Walking tour of Cambridge and a restaurant lunch close by.
Evening : Technical talks on maintaining a DB7.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Monday [/td][td]Visit to local car restorer to go underneath a DB7 and see how to preserve your car.[/td][/tr]

The Saturday night is the only compulsory night.  The other nights are just extra fun.

The weekend will be DB7 focused but we welcome all Astons for the weekend.
To book send an email to Gary Ungless with how many nights you will be staying.
I will then provide the hotel details for you to book your rooms.  The Saturday evening dinner will be added to room bill.
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Gutted, i have the Bromley Pageant on the 10th and am involved with organising it 
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Gary, should that read 8/9/10/11 of June 2012 ?
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It should be 8/9/10/11

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So how did it go?
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Gary, how did the DB7 weekend go and is another planned for 2013?
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Were there any event shirts made for this event?  Would love to purchase one if so. Can't believe I just now saw this. I am from Cambridge originally but now in USA Texas to be exact(Houston). I have a DB7 VV and was there in July! Would have been great to have stumbled onto this while there!  Let us know about 2013 may sneak over! Happy new year!
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Having seen this raised today I thought I'd leave a quick comment. I was unable to make it for the weekend but I would have liked to have joined in for the the day as I live just outside Cambridge. I tried to get in touch a couple of times but the contact posted for the event just returned my mail as undeliverable. There must be others out there who would have enjoyed the daytime events but were unable to stay overnight, in my case because of commitments to animals, so this is just a comment and not a criticism.
Happy New Year by the way.
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