Johnny Chandler
Hi all

firstly my apologies for taking so long to write-up the last meeting but the ongoing fall-out from a family tragedy earlier in the year has laid me low again these past few months and at times made every day feel like a mountain to climb.

As the attached picture shows it was both cold and quiet at the Heritage Centre on 25th September. Despite leaving London's bright sunny sky's things got progressively cooler along the M40 and by the time we reached the Heritage centre shortly before 10am it was spitting with rain and windy with it. The turn-out for the Centre's autumn classic reflected this with only a hardcore of classic owners and fans, primarily from the local area making the effort.  This was echoed by the Aston turnout which had looked good for some 14 cars but in the end just 8 materialised.

Needless to say Tony Christie despite being without his beloved VUT made it from the coast to conduct a valuable and highly technical Q&A for which food, wine and thanks are very much still owed. Thanks also to the centre's John Bishop for having us. The cars on display in the Centre seem to get better every time I visit and I hope everyone took full advantage of the reduced entry price. Good luck with future events John. and please thank everyone who made us welcome on the day.

It was good to meet Gray Hedley and family and here's wishing you luck with what potentially could turn out to be one of the longest DBS rebuilds known. If you think we can help just shout.

Best wishes

Johnny Chandler
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