Johnny Chandler
By popular demand this year's DBS Autumn Meeting is to be held at the Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon on Sunday 25th September. The Centre's John Bishop has very kindly agreed to reserve an area for DBS' and as always all cars are very welcome from the earliest 6 cylinder versions right up to the very latest, by way of DBSV8's and related AM cars.

As with the Spring meeting Tony Christie (Classic Engineering) has again very kindly offered to host a lunchtime question and answer session on the DBS V8. Tony has a great deal of passion for and experience of DB Aston's and aside from owning a DBSV8 since the early 80s has worked on many others down the years.

In addition to the wonderful collection permanently on display at Gaydon it's also the date for their excellent Autumn Classic so there'll be even more to enjoy than usual. For more details on the museum go to . Anyone bringing their DBS will get entry to the museum at a reduced rate of £5 for themselves and their guests.

If you can let me know if you're hoping to make it that would be helpful as I can give John Bishop and idea of the space we'll need.

Also if anyone fancies linking up for the AMOC race meet at Brands Hatch on Saturday Aug 27th let me know. 
Best wishes

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