Johnny Chandler
This years DBS Spring Meeting at the Silverstone race meet on Saturday April 30th is coming together nicely. Tony Christie (Classic Engineering) has very kindly offered to host a lunchtime question and answer session on the DBS V8. Alongside other DB Aston's Tony has worked on many DBS's over the years, has rebuilt one completely and owned one since the early 80s. He comes then with a great deal of experience and passion for these cars and I'm extremely pleased he's going to share some of that with us.

Whilst AM thankfully hold a great many parts for DBS', some are proving increasingly hard to find, particularly where items were sourced from parts bins. Consequently I hope on the day we can have a quick 'Bin There, Seen It , Done It! session in a bid to capture and share the knowledge.   

In hope of sunshine I'm bringing a gazebo and if people can bring chairs that would be great however Race Control have kindly offered us a room should the weather not be on our side.

Gates open at 8am and we are aiming to meet for 10am. As with last year's event all are welcome, i.e. DBS 6 cylinder, DBS V8's, related AM cars and the latest DBS's and parking is once again the fenced-in parking area behind the BRDC Suite/Clubhouse. This year can you park your cars facing outwards as it will help with photos.

To get passes for cars for the day please email me at

Johnny (Area
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Hi Johnny,
Nice to meet you and the other guys, plus your wonderful original DBS sitting near to that superb new DBS Volante, both superb beasts.
Thanks for letting a VV12 gate crash the party particularly as it is only part DBS.... (in the words of the Peperami advert "it's a bit of an animal".
Perhaps see you at Althorpe?
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DBS noses and tails
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sorry to have missed this event - it looks like the weather smiled upon you at least. A bit hard to attend for me since the car is in Germany and I am in Kenya, so next time...

Is AMQ to get a report/article with photos of this event? What was the outcome of the discussion, if any on spares and other issues? ??? Just curious and hopeful that a positive day was had by all.
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Johnny Chandler
The wind was well up on arrival just after 9am so plans to set up a gazebo were quickly parked for fear it'd turn into a hang glider. However like last year the sun was out and whilst inevitably a number of people had taken advantage of the double bank holiday and headed off for the duration and the Royal Wedding put paid to a few more, whilst it was quieter than last years meet it was no less enjoyable.

In this respect a huge thank you is owed to Tony Christie (Classic Engineering) for his contributions throughout the day and in particular who, in the absence of the aforementioned gazebo held valuable Q&A's in his DBS V8! Star performance sir.

As the various races kept drawing everyone back to the stands the exchange of information on hard to get 'parts bins' items happened on more of a 1 to 1 basis so the plan is to revisit it at the Return To Gaydon meet in the autumn. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a good day and if anyone is planning to attend any of the other AMOC race meetings and fancies hooking up please shout.


Johnny Area 7
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