I have conacted both Donnington and Brooklands about the get together being held in those locations next year. I have done this early as these places usaually book their events well in advance. I have suggested a date simiilar to this year's unless anyone has any better ideas.

Should it be decided to move venue to either of these places, or another if someone comes up with somwhere else, they will inevitably cost money. I have asked both to tell me the costs involved in hiring a meeting room, organising lunch and entry to their repective museums.

I am also considering re-structuring the day. I wonder if there is any value in making it a whole day event rather than an afternoon one for example? Having thought about yesterdays event it is obvious that Andy and Tony were very much in demand for technical advice and guidence I wonder if some sort of question and answer sessions should be included perhaps either side of lunch? I have not discussed this with either Andy or Tony but if the idea proves popular the cost of these sessions could be investigated.

It will be important to maintain the opportunity to talk amongst ourselves about the cars and our own experiences and perhaps organise some drives in the cars a) to try out different specifications of car b) to give those who have not been in one the chance to do so. Obviously with the owners permission on this one.

I am keen to expand the numbers atending and when I send in my article for the news letter will suggest overseas owners/enthusiasts for the car attend also. If those who couldn't make it yesterday are able to attend plus a few overseas guys/gals it could be a very well attended and more worthwhile event.

Over to you now, what do you want from the event in future? Any ideas welcome, everything considered. Either PM me, reply to this post or send me an e-mail.
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Hi Martin,

I think an earlier start is definitely recomended as this leaves a lot more time for discussion etc.

Unfortunately yesterday due to the weather I only got to talk to one or two fellow owners but still leaned a lot in those couple of hours.So what could we do with a full day!
Looking forward to talking DBSV8's soon.

Thanks again.

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It was good to talk to old and new friends, cars included. A full day is a must so we must make the venue accessable to everyone to get to in a sensible time. I don't want to add to people's expenses with hotel bills etc. This probably makes Donnington favourite for a venue next year from a location point of view. Any ideas anyone has to improve this event are not only welcome but encouraged.
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