A few pics taken by my son

48211323322_20da2a9556_o.jpg  48211264181_c8223fe5a1_o.jpg  48211264731_d995e0b3ec_o.jpg  48211264876_d055378a8c_o.jpg  48211264936_81ae3575dc_o.jpg  48211322407_83ce1c8565_o.jpg  48211322962_753879cf07_o.jpg  48211323002_d20bcd8f2a_o.jpg  48211323052_b80dcd04bb_o.jpg  48211323112_9884a14315_o.jpg  48211323237_58cf862aac_o.jpg  48211323322_20da2a9556_o.jpg  48211323402_98c43133f3_o.jpg  48211323657_d9b501f3e0_o.jpg  48211323742_f1eedd0e10_o.jpg  48211323912_a73ae43710_o.jpg 
John Cheyne
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Wow, what a great turn out
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Beautiful. In the top 5 of my favourite Astons ever produced..

DB7 Vantage Volante.
Fur coat.
No knickers.
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Fantastic! The DBS is just ageless.
Lifes not a trial run. Do it don't wish it!

Area 9 North West England
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Marvelous! Lovely display in an incredibly beautiful setting. The DBS looks at home there. Finally getting its due, these models are enjoying a new life.
Thank you for posting!
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Fantastic photographs!  Thanks 
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the quality of the cars on display was exceptional, as our Concours Chief Judge remarked, most would have graced any AMOC 'official' concours. Must be the nicest bunch of owners too. More pics to follow.
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